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Merchant services point of sale

If you’re a business owner or someone who sells products or services online, you may be asking “what are merchant services?” You may have heard the term, but maybe you’re not familiar with all the things that fall under that category.

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Are you searching for a company that handles credit card and check processing for your business?

HMF Balling, Inc is a company based in Prescott, Arizona that has been helping businesses save money on their credit card processing for nearly 20 years.


Finding The Right Company For Your Credit Card Processing –

Why it’s important to use the right credit card processing company for your unique business

Many different kinds of businesses need credit card processing and check payment processing to be able to sell their products and services both in-person and online, and the companies that provide these online payment services… READ MORE>


HMF Balling, Inc Integrates With Quickbooks –

And Our Pricing is as Much as 35% BETTER!

When it comes to selling products in today’s online world, the ability to accept the most popular forms of payments, like credit cards and checks, can mean the difference between success and failure… READ MORE>

HMF Balling helps businesses with online payment processing

Useful Things to Know For Online Credit Card Processing

Keep up with the times, and make sure you can accept payments easily!

In today’s world, more and more transactions for payments to businesses are made online – even if your customer is right in front of you in a physical setting, they are less likely to be using cash to pay you for your goods or services…. READ MORE>