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Why it’s important to use the right credit card processing company for your unique business

Many different kinds of businesses need credit card processing and check payment processing to be able to sell their products and services both in-person and online, and the companies that provide these online payment services can be very different too. It’s very important to choose the right payment processing company for your unique business and situation.

Here are a few of the ways that companies that provide credit card and check processing can differ from each other:

  • The banks that they have relationships with
  • The costs that they charge you for their services
  • The amount of experience they have with credit card processing
  • Do they also provide check processing service
  • The types of businesses they have successfully helped with payment processing

Not all payment processing companies use the same banks.

Depending on how long they’ve been in business, different credit card processing companies will have access to different banks to work with. It’s important that you pick a broker office that understands your business and can couple your needs with the right  banks, and we have 25 banks to choose from.

At HMF Balling, Inc, WE set the pricing, NOT the banks.

When you work with HMF Balling, Inc, your costs and fees will be based on your individual business needs. We have the ability to customize our services to you and your unique business, and to get you the best pricing available.

HMF Balling, Inc has over 15 years of experience providing payment processing services. 

We’ve been doing this for a while, and you can feel secure knowing that our experience is working for you. We’ve helped many different businesses with their credit card processing over the years.

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We can also help with your check processing needs.

HMF Balling, Inc. is a broker office that can help with both credit card transactions AND check payments. Even today, many businesses have customers that prefer to pay by check – we’ve got that covered too.

HMF Balling, Inc has worked with a diverse selection of businesses.

We’ve successfully helped businesses ranging from healthcare providers to coffee shops, CBD companies to government contractors, and almost everything in between. Check out this list of business types that we can work with.

HMF Balling logo in white for payment processing

To find out how HMF Balling, Inc can help your business to easily accept credit card and check payments both in-person and online, schedule your free consultation right here!