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Phoenix Merchant Services and Point of Sale

If you’re a seller or a business that accepts credit cards in the Greater Phoenix area, chances are you’ve searched for Phoenix Merchant Services and Point of Sale systems. These services are integral to sellers when it comes to payment processing and merchant accounts.

Phoenix Merchant Services and Point of Sale systems

HMF Balling Inc. has been serving local businesses with Phoenix Merchant Services and Point of Sale systems since 2004 – we’re good at what we do, and chances are that we could save you quite a bit of money on your credit card processing rates and fees!


That’s why we encourage you to contact us for a quick and easy, and FREE consultation about your payment processing needs. In many cases we’ve been able to help businesses save between 35% and even 50% compared to what they’re currently paying for these merchant services.

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It’s absolutely crucial as a Greater Phoenix area business owner that you find a payment processing company that fits your unique needs, also offers affordable rates and fees, and most importantly, that you can trust. HMF Balling, Inc offers excellent customer service and has years of experience when it comes to providing these types of merchant services and point of sale systems.

When you need to accept credit cards and checks from your customers, both online and for in-person purchases, there are many things that are required to make that process run smoothly. You’ll need:

  • A way to input the credit card number and verify that the card can sufficiently pay the amount you’re owed.
  • A special bank account, called a merchant account, for these types of transactions that are specific to businesses like yours.
  • A rate that you can afford and fees that provide you with the service you need without cutting too far into your profits.