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Quickbooks is one of the most popular ways for small and medium sized businesses to manage their incoming payments. With payment processing options for credit cards and other types of online payments, we at HMF Balling, Inc recognize the importance of being able to integrate with Quickbooks, and our pricing is significantly better – as much as 35% less!

Here is a message from Joel about how businesses can use the Quickbooks accounting product for their online solution, and still save money by using HMF Balling Inc to process the credit card transactions:

“Hello and thank you for joining us. In this brief session we’re going to discuss how to save as much as 35% OR MORE on your credit card processing while using the QuickBooks Online accounting product.

QuickBooks online is a great solution for accounting, the QuickBooks online product is used by more than 5 million customers worldwide.

The challenge is QuickBooks credit card processing rates. When you process credit cards through QuickBooks they charge you 2.4% – 2.9% – 3.4%, and 4.4% when you use the same day funding option, and there is also a .25 transaction fee added to each transaction. These rates are expensive – in fact one might say some of the THE MOST EXPENSIVE!

There is a belief that if you use QuickBooks online for your accounting solution, that you must also use Intuit QuickBooks for accepting credit cards and checks – but that’s not true!

With us you can keep QuickBooks for accounting but simply use our merchant account for taking payments from your customers and save as much as 35% OR MORE on your payment processing expenses.

Thank you for joining us, we hope this has been helpful.

Please consider reaching out to us and letting us help you set up your merchant account the right way for your business!”

HMF Balling credit card processing company helps merchants

When it comes to selling products in today’s online world, the ability to accept the most popular forms of payments, like credit cards and checks, can mean the difference between success and failure. Giving your customers as many options as they need to comfortably interact with your business is one of the easiest ways to ensure that customers keep coming back to your online store.

 The next important step is making sure that the way you accept your online payments integrates easily with your business accounting software, like Quickbooks. The easier it is to manage this connection, and the more automated you make this process, the easier it is to accept your customer’s payments online and account for them properly.

 There are many different tools and apps that are designed to help today’s business owner with the best options for accepting their customer’s payments, and Quickbooks is one of the most popular – that’s why we at HMF Balling, Inc know it’s important to offer the service of integrating with Quickbooks, and we can probably save you money in the long run!

 Here at HMF Balling, Inc we pride ourselves on being able to anticipate the needs of our clients, and provide them with the best possible solutions available to them. Our goal is to save you both time and money! Call us today at 602-932-5711 for a free consultation on how we can provide you with the best options for your unique business when it comes to credit card processing and check processing.